Heacox, J

Mr. Heacox
Mr. Heacox
Media Specialist / Information Literacy Teacher
When you think of a school library media specialist you probably envision a school librarian checking books in and out, reading aloud to children, cataloging books, ordering materials, maintaining bookshelves and keeping the school’s media center bustling with learning activity.  Yes, I am capable of doing these things, but these are the main priorities of our wonderfully hard working media paraprofessionals.  My classroom is actually the computer lab.  I do pull classes out into the library occasionally for library lessons, but the majority of my classes are held in the computer lab focusing on information literacy in the 21st century.

Taking into consideration the ever increasing demands of grade level curriculum our classroom teachers need assistance helping our students master all kinds of computerized software these days.  I also facilitate student growth in learning to research, compiling and formatting, and presenting information on a broad range of subjects using many different tools. Students produce works in a wide variety of formats throughout the school year.  These skills are essential for student success in our digital age.

  • Be sure to check out the collection of internet based grade level activities in my Useful Links section. 

Some of the additional content I focus on throughout the year is listed below:

· Dictionary skills unit (grades 2-5)
· Digital Storytelling activities (grades 2-5)
· Seasonal activities using TuxPaint, the internet, and Microsoft Office (gradesK-5)
· Digital and Traditional Note taking using online sources (grades 3-5)
· Skimming, identifying, and selecting information (reading skills – grades K-5)
· Reference materials – dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, atlas (grades 1-5)
· Phonics websites (grades K-2)
· Cross-curricular websites (grades K-5)
· Poetry writing in April (grades K-5)
· Digital Biographies (grades 1-5)
· Standardized test preparation (grades 3-5)
· Internet safety (grades K-5)
· Netiquette (grades 2-5)
· Microsoft Office (grades 1-5)
· Spelling test preparation (grades 1-5)
· Effective internet searching (grades 3-5)
· Keyboarding (grades K-5)
· Using the Online Library Catalog (grades 3-5)
· Using trustworthy and credible sources (grades 4-5)
· Saving to and using the district’s network responsibly (grades 3-5)
· Publishing end-of-school-year newsletter to incoming grades (grades 3-5)
· Student use of G-mail, Google Drive, Google Apps, and Google Docs.  (grades 3-5)

Other regular responsibilities of my media specialist position include:
· Maintaining, teaching, and administering the district’s Accelerated Reader and STAR testing software.
· Troubleshooting technology for staff and students.
· Assisting the media paraprofessionals in ordering and processing library materials, helping teachers locate materials, and making sure our school library is a place where children love to go and grow
· Collaborating with teachers to support their lessons and the Common Core Curriculum using the internet and various technologies.
· Encouraging, assisting, and training staff on new technologies

I'm also happy to assist you, our parents.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  Have a great day!