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Class Motto:
Effort Leads To Success!
Welcome Parents, Guardians and Students.

Dec. 8, 2017
Charlie Brown
Welcome parents and students to our class website.

Please click on the links below to get the Chapter 2 practice test and the answers for the practice test. Your child worked on this practice test today in class. If they forget to bring it home tonight you can print it off. Their Test will be on Tuesday.

Unit 2 Study Guide.docx
Unit 2 Practice Test.pdf
Unit 2 Pratice Test answers.pdf

I now have added pages 55 and 56 and the answers to the two quick quizzes. 
Page 55.pdf
Page 56.pdf
Unit 2 Quick Quizes.pdf
Today's question:
In Frosty, what is the name of the girl who goes on the train with Frosty.
Bring in the answer and give it to me first thing in the morning to receive a prize.

Lastly, come to school with the answer to the following Riddle and receive a small prize. Do not tell any other student the question or the answer.
Herme, the elf did wanted to be what in Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer?

I also found a great website that provides extra skill sheets so your child may practice the skills at home. The best part is, they also give the answer key so you can check your child's work. Click below to find skill sheets concerning decimals.

Please book mark the link above as it will lead to all the skills I will be teaching this year. You just have to click on the 5th grade section on the left.

Hopefully this will be be a helpful tool for those parents who would like to have an extra source to help their child study for the test.

Mr. Theobald